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Brompton Archive 2.0

13 Nov 2023

The Brompton Archive 2.0 (Hot Pink & Rocket Red) is a limited production for Brompton Fans.

For the past few months, The One Millionth Brompton bike tour has been a successful story and a memorable one. There are thousands of fans and owners around the globe have come together to create this successful story. All the communities in cities around the world are amazing and create successful stories such as the 400+ Brompton owners mass pedalled through the streets of Singapore. The Beijing’s Popriders, Berlin party crew. The ride up Mount Ventoux in France, Sunday morning riders in Valencia, and more.

In celebration of The One Millionth Brompton Archive colour, the team in the London Factory have created bike in colours that the fans loved the most – Hot Pink and Rocket Red (Archive 2.0)The Brompton Archive 2.0 is equipped with silver parts and, a hand-made steel frame in gloss finish, just like the first ever Brompton. It also comes in 6 gears for exploring and a Brooks C17 all-weather saddle – a favourite of the founder, Andrew Ritchie.

The Brompton Archive 2.0 Hot Pink and Rocket Red are only available among the APAC countries in limited quantities. Feel free to contact us at Happy Owl Cycle to explore more about the bike.


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