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Brompton MY24

11 Jan 2024

Find out more about C Line and P Line Brompton Bicycles

Introducing MY24 Brompton

Invention. Innovation. Imagination

These ideals have been the driving principles at Brompton since the beginning when founder Andrew Ritchie set out to engineer a folding bike to unlock the city.

Refined but never battered, the original fold transforms the bike into a small, locked package in under 20 seconds. It is light enough to carry, rush-hour trains friendly and travels with you.


C Line

'The Original, Made for Today.'

C Line is the Original. Known as the most compact folding bike, it is made reliable, with comfortable steel frame and robust equipment with a compact folding design.

Unlock your city and the world. With C Line, your options are always open.

With the choice of handlebar and seatpost options, it will make your cycling experience more fufilling.

C Line Explore (6 Speed)

(Colour of Bicycle above: Dune Sand)

Our widest range of gears - everything you need to explore the city and beyond. Promising a smooth ride, the 6-gearing system and powerful brakes ensure control and precision can be enjoyed.


Available in Yuzu Lime, Dune Sand, Ocean Blue, Matcha Green, Matte Black, Racing Green, Black Lacquer and Flame Lacquer.

Check it out here!

P Line

'Lightweight. Performance.'

P Line packs a punch in the city. Known to be smoother, faster and even more portable, it takes the classic Brompton design - innvative, compact, portable and gives you more.

It is 20% lighter and built to perform everyday.

P Line Urban (4 Speed)

(Colour of the Bicycle above: Lunar Ice)

Superlight gear system. Fine-tuned for city riding. The 4-speed system with an all-new 60 gram derailleur is meticulously engineered to fit inside the narrow fold.


Available in Bronze Sky, Lunar Ice, Midnight Black, Bolt Blue and Flame Lacquer

Check it out here!

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